About AliMuskett.com


My name is Ali Muskett, and I’m a British writer, amateur photographer and dancer.

My interests include: Japanese culture, travel, blogging, dancing, health and wellness, photography, street art and… Kit Kats.

I’ve worked in a variety of positions, everything from record shops and book shops, to publishing, teaching English, and working for a charity supporting UK-Japan relations. Since 2013 I have been living in Bristol working as a Travel Consultant specialising in Japan – a job I feel I was made for! My other passion is writing and from time to time I do the odd bit of freelance work. Eventually I will publish a novel… if I can ever let it go and admit that it’s finished.

AliMuskett.com provides a central point for all of my blogs and social networking platforms to converge. In addition, I use this site for personal blog posts from time to time, whenever I do something that doesn’t fit in to my other blogs’ themes (like visiting countries that aren’t Japan, dancing or trailing around cities looking for sculptures…).

If you would like to contact me, please use the form provided below:


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