Being Ali

In my usual style, I have got myself all caught up in playing with websites only to discover it’s now gone midnight and I’ve turned into a pumpkin. Well, I haven’t actually turned into a large, orange vegetable – yet – but I really had better go to bed soon because I have work tomorrow.

The reason for this brief post is just to introduce you to (if you haven’t been here before), and to let you know that the blog on this site, Being Ali, is going to be replacing my old personal blog, Only Me…. All the old posts have been imported, so nothing has been lost. I just figured I had one too many websites, and one had to go.

So, if you were follwing Only Me…, now’s the time to subscribe to Being Ali! πŸ˜€ The topics I’ll write on here will be varied, but will probably end up being daily life stuff, writing experiments, and general musings.

If you’re in interested in Japan-related content, Haikugirl’s JapanΒ is still going strong. If you like travel in general, Haikugirl’s World is your place. And if all that reading gets a bit much, pop over to Picturing England, where you can see a daily photo with hardly any words at all.

Oh, and if you’re hungry, you can always have a break over at KitKats!

Now, seriously, bedtime before I turn into a pumpkin…

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