Snowmen and snow angels

I did it – I went out to play. I set my alarm for 6.30 this morning and went out just before sunrise. The snow was so thick and clean, and ready to be played in!

I decided to walk to Friary Park, which is only about 20 minutes away from my house (well, 30 minutes in the snow). On the way I passed a few men out scraping their cars. We exchanged good mornings and I marvelled at how snow makes people more friendly.

As I reached park, I couldn’t see another person. It was mine.

Snowy North London

Snowy North London

Armed with a few accessories, I built a little snowman:

Snowy North London

It’s actually quite hard to build a good snowman and, as you can see, I’m not very skilled when it comes to snow sculpting!

Snowy North London

I liked my quirky little creation though.

As I stomped through the snow I saw a couple of other people, but it was still very quiet. When no one was looking, I made a snow angel:

Snowy North London

(Not easy to take a photo of it though!)

There was one dog in the park, and he was about as excited as me!

Snowy North London

As I crunched back home I felt very satisfied and happy (and wet). Playing in the snow – fun and free! šŸ˜€

2 Comments on “Snowmen and snow angels”

  1. Barbara says:

    Love the snow angel!
    Minnie was SO fed up when she got up this morning and there was NO SNOW! Poo!
    I must admit, I didn’t tell Minnie, but I was happy there was no snow! I fall over quite easily without the snow!!

    • Haikugirl says:

      Haha, yeah, I enjoyed the snow today but I don’t think I will like it so much tomorrow when I have to go to work and it’s all slushy and slippery. (>_<)

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